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What is my</br>Nanny like?</br>Will she fit into</br>my Family?

What is my
Nanny like?
Will she fit into
my Family?

Agentur für Familienpersonal

Agentur für Familienpersonal
We Find Your Nanny

Your first Nanny

Hiring your first nanny is a special experience – for the first time parents entrust their child to a stranger. Before giving birth, many women plan to hire a nanny for their child to be able to resume work as soon as possible. However, when the time comes, many are having difficulties to let their child go.

The choice of your first nanny should be well considered. To be able to entrust your child to a nanny, an exceeding level of trust is required. The first nanny should therefore be an experienced nanny, a nanny who can convey a feeling of security to the parent that their child is in best hands so that the mother can devote herself to the job knowing that her child is well taken care of.

The nanny should be empathetic and understand how a mother feels in this situation and, despite the absence of the mother, be able to strengthen the relationship between mother and child, so that no feelings of guilt will emerge. The nanny should be confident and be able to deal with jealousy and fears. It should be a reliable nanny who can deal with unforeseen events and take the right decisions in an emergency situation.

We of Nanny4yourkid have a carefully considered application process. We strongly focus on candidates with professional qualifications, such as teachers, nannies or pediatric nurses. However, if applicants with another professional background can provide excellent references from private households, we also take them into account. All applicants must provide a clearance certificate and medical certificate. For maternity nurses who work with newborns we also check the necessary vaccinations of the nanny.


Important information on finding and hiring your first nanny:  


If the nanny is invited for personal interview, the travel expenses are borne by the employer. 


The salary for a 40 hour employment is around 1.500 to 2.500 EUR net, depending on seniority, qualifications and references. This corresponds to a gross salary of about 2.300 to 4.300 EUR. The salary depends on various factors such as location, live - in / live -out position etc. In addition to these costs there is an employers contribution of approximately 25 to 30 % .

Trial work:

If the interview results in a mutual interest we recommend a first trial work. The travel costs of the nanny and a previously agreed salary are paid by the employer. The salary (paid by an hourly rate) must be determined beforehand.

Work contract:

On request we provide a sample of a specially drafted employment contract and are happy to assist in all matters relating contract and employment.

Registration of the nanny:

With the first salary payment the employer is obliged to register the nanny at the competent health insurance company. For employees who do not have a social security card, the insurance company will apply for one as soon as the employment starts. When the employment terminates, this must also be reported (§§ 28 a to 28 r SGB IV). In many families the payroll is taken over by a tax accountant.

Live-in situation:

If the employer offers an appartment for free or at a reduced price this monetary benefit must be identified and must be incorporated into the employee’s  payroll tax. The monetary benefit is to be determined by either a reference value or a comparison with the local rent.

Ensuring a long-term relationship


An open and respectful communication is the basic prerequisite for a successful and long-term cooperation between nanny and parents.  A constant dialogue between parents and nanny is an indispensable part of a trusting relationship and a productive working atmosphere. We reommend a regular feedback process and an exchange of opinions between parents and nanny to avoid any conflicts. The child is very perceptive and assesses the relationship between parents and nanny. It will develop best in a loving and peaceful environment.

A professional nanny informs parents regularly about the development of their child and will point out any existing deficiencies and peculiarities to the parents. It is common for a professional nanny to keep a diary about their work. This way parents stay up to date and do not have to worry about missing anything in the development of their child. In addition, the nanny diary is a lasting memory and facilitates the acquisition of daily routine and loved rituals for a subsequent nanny.


Let your nanny know that she is doing a great job! An appreciative working environment is the best guarantee for a long-term working relationship. Your child develops a strong bond with their nanny. Beside the parents, the nanny is the main person of reference for the child and the relationship stronly influences the future attachment behavior of the child. Frequently changing nannies may negatively affect the development of your child.   

Positive feedback and recognition of their work is extremely important for the nanny! Please consider that the job can be very exhausting depending e.g. on the age of the child. Treat your Nanny with the respect she deserves and show her your appreciation with the occational bonus.

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